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My name is Tiago Martins de Oliveira. I studied Graphic Design at UFSM, I’m an illustrator and also a writer in my spare time. I love animations, books, fantastic stories and geek culture. I’m married to Priscila and we have a son named Eduardo.

Tiago Martins de Oliveira
Graphic Designer
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A range of illustration styles in vector art, digital painting and digital compositing.

Graphic Design

Printed and digital layouts: marketing and advertising applications, book & eBook design, posters, social media, etc.


Motion design, frame-by-frame animation and rotomation.

Video Pre-Production

Storyboards, illustrations, style-frames and concept art for filmmaking and animated videos.


Scalable icons, customizable or ready to use in digital or other application.

Brand Consultancy

Naming for new companies and products, consultancy for branding establishment; Identity development and visual style guides.

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I take deadlines very seriously. Pre-set dates and realistic deadlines result in on-time deliveries. I plan my work well and like promises that can be kept. This is a deal for a good deal.



I enjoy being on team projects and always keep the files well organized and named to favor production and help whoever is working with me. I’m approachable and I like teaching and learning new things with teams.



It’s important to be realistic about balancing time, complexity and budget. I manage to balance my own work to deliver the best of the three within the demand of each project and offer what I know best according to what the client has.



Talking, understanding, solving problems and facing challenges willingly are part of good professional performance as well as good humor and partnership. It’s not enough to have a nice job and not be a nice person.

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