Tiago Martins de Oliveira
The Graphic Designer


Brazilian, 31 years old.

I have a degree in Graphic Design from the Federal University of Santa Maria and have been working since 2009.

Oliven Studio was created in 2010, when I was still working in the city of Porto Alegre inside an advertising video production company. I returned to my hometown, Ijuí, in 2013 (to marry Priscila, who is currently also my business partner) and ever since I work as a freelance designer for clients from many places in Brazil and abroad.

I believe that design is a universal communication tool and, specially in a connected world like nowadays, entrepreneurs need to be innovative, aware and responsible. Therefore, I seek to offer visual projects that, besides a good looking taste, are meaningful and communicate positively in any medium.

Priscila Callegari de Oliveira
The Journalist


Brazilian, 31 years old.

I am graduated in Social Communication/Journalism at Unijuí, and Postgraduated in Management of Communication Processes by the same University.

I have been a business partner of Oliven Studio since 2014, where also I am a press officer and assistant, where I apply much of what I learned as a radio communicator, profession in which I worked for 8 years.

For me, a clearly communication, with the correct tone, happens in the way we speak, write and also in how we project an image. Therefore, all areas of Communication (Journalism, Advertising, Public Relations and Design) must work together, so that the results of their work are integrated and effective.

Jon Snow
The Cat

Jon Snow

Brazilian, 4 years old.

I rule. All is mine.