Book cover illustration for Andarilhos (“Wanderers”), from the brazilian writer R. Tavares.

The scene portraits a moment of the book in a symbolic way. It arouses curiosity for the observer, and acquires a stronger meaning for the reader throughout the story.

For this project I collaborated making:

  • Book cover design
  • Social network posts
  • Promotional prints
Character Designs

Tavares also invited me to illustrate the main characters from the book to advertise in social media:

Page Markers

Printed for the book launch event.

R. Tavares

Rodrigo Tavares has published books such as Noite Escura (“Dark Night”) and Andarilhos (“Wanderers”), as well as eBooks such as A Tropeada (“The Cattle Troop”) and Contos Sangrentos (“Bloody Tales”).

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