Genuine Parts

In this series of humorous videos, Toyota gives to consumers a message about the importance of using their original parts, since what is just “almost the same” can result in something very different from expected and potentially dangerous.

  • ClientToyota
  • CountryNew Zealand
  • AgencySaatchi & Saatchi
  • Production CompanyAssembly
  • DirectorJonny Kofoed
  • My role2D Animation (Rotomation)
How it was made

I received the footage from the producer, with the actors over chromakey. With this material, I drew frame by frame the action of the characters and objects. I also added objects and backgrounds to some scenes.
The drawings needed to be simple, with an outline that could synthesize shapes and be understandable with movement.
Then, I sent the frames with objects splitted in layers to the motion design work and composition.

Toyota loved the project and ordered new videos the following year. So Assembly invited me again to make more rotomations for the series.

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